What Investors Look For in An IR Website

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We all know that a website plays a vital role in building the customer base for a company. From start-ups to already established companies, everyone swears by this.

Other than just building a website, what goes into it be it in terms of content design or other aesthetic also is a key to let your visitors know more about your products or services.

Investor Relation (IR) is one of the standard components in a website. To provide information for the investor, the company should think like one.

Corporates should figure out the important information and also pay equal attention to what investors like to see during different times of the year.

Your Investor Relation website should prominently demonstrate your corporate transparency and professionalism. This is what your investors will first look at.

Investor Relations website is one of the critical parts, it is a platform where both your current and potential investors land up to know more about your company’s history on profits and losses and learn more about your company’s directors and management.

In this blog post, you will come across various must-have elements that an investor relations website should contain.

Give your visitors a chance to sign up.

When investors are looking at the IR section of your website, it is very important to push them subtly to sign-up forms in order to include their details in your mailing list database.

This will help you in the future, where you get a chance to send them your newsletters and latest updates.

Also, you can also have sign-up forms for your upcoming events. You can post an ad copy on your investor website. Let your investors’ sign-in for calendar notifications, or you can also choose to send them an email reminder.

You should consistently update everything that’s happening in your company on the website to keep investors and potential investors updated so that they can understand the scope of what’s happenings.

A sign-up form doesn’t necessarily have to be a long one. Remember, this form is for the investors across. They don’t have much time to fill in too much information in the form. In fact, a long form will take them away from your website.

So, make sure you keep the form simple with basic information like name, email address, phone number and place of residence if required can be asked.

Keep your website Investor friendly.

We all agree that investors play a vital role in the business of an organization. Apart from customers and clients, it is investors who play a key role in the success of a company.

The core purpose of your investor relations website is to provide the latest annual reports or a blurb of hot-off-the-press releases which would be linked to more detailed information of that press release.

What draws investors and potential investors is the latest and updated fundamentals of stocks, stock prices, earnings releases, press releases, company presentations, earnings transcripts, filings and information on dividends to name a few. You should make sure all this information is tangible within a click of a button.

What would impress your investor apart from the facts and numbers that you could? It’s advertising for you.

If you have a video or a short speech, a panel discussion, you can share them on your website for your investors to watch.

Most customers and investors are drawn by the way the company and its owners advertise themselves on a given platform.

Letting your investor community to witness the way you handle a panel, the way you take tough question gives them the assurance to invest in your stock. Such a strategy goes a long way in instilling confidence in them.

Keep the brag-worthy information crisp and clear.

When you are providing information to investors, make sure you will be clear and short in your communications. Investors have no time to read huge content.

Compile all the important information and make a video, infographic, a slide show, or an ad copy, which can be linked to the detailed information.

Make the most brag-worthy information about your company into bullet points and present it, then writing long content copies.

Apart from all the basics, and Investor relations website should have, there are some of the core ingredients that make an IR website a successful one, such as financial statements and annual reports.

Financial report

The company’s financial report basically describes the latest accomplishments, management and leadership changes, risk factors, intellectual property, and regulatory changes that would have affected the company.

Financial reports can be an eye-opener for most potential investors. Such reports can help you in understanding the product better, know why people need them, who its competitors are, why does this particular company stands in the place where it is today.

Investors can find added information on revenue, operating expenses, net income, total assets, total debt and more and analyze your company better.

Annual reports

It’s quite noticeable that many companies consider annual reports as a marketing tool and use them for building the company’s fortune.

Many medium-sized and large companies invest huge investments to make these annual reports attractive and informative. Annual reports become the forum through which a company can relate, influence, preach, opine, and discuss any number of issues and topics.

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